The Art of Giving Online Coupons

Learning how to correctly use store coupons and discount codes for your business is also an art. It is easy to just follow the trend and grant promo code wish of your customer. However, remember that promo codes may not always be beneficial for you as a company.

Why so?

Well, promo codes for free stuff and coupons for food is a cost you must incur. Additionally, coupon codes for Amazon and promo code Shopify have sell things below their par value. While big companies and platforms can afford it, if you are a start-up, you might be concerned about meeting variable cost. Giving too many promo codes can render you incapable of doing so.

Hence, it is important to understand how to give promo codes.

Stop mass promotions

If you can help it, stop delivering promo codes to everyone. Instead, limit it to users you think crave best deals online shopping has to offer. Only the value conscious customer truly converts because of a promo code. Others might have bought your product at par as well. Why would you want to lose that revenue?

Partner with best bargain sites

In order to reach value-conscious customers, you can partner with the most popular daily deal sites. Deal news and information about best online sales right now is often sought through them. By partnering with online deals website, you can ensure that your company appears under best deals today. Make sure you get represented on Sello, which continues to be the best bargain site. Apart from this, Ben’s Bargain also delivers information about online shopping deals today. Who you choose to partner with plays a role in the success of your campaign.

Don’t try to lure all abandoned cart owners

Customers of today are getting smart. They understand the trend of getting promo codes if they leave a cart abandoned midway. Your job is to filter these smart shoppers and not offer them promo codes. Only give it to those who are not in it just for the discounted stuff. They are the ones you need to build a loyal customer relationship with.


Once you know how to use online coupons for your business, you are bound to reap value from such campaigns. Watch as promo codes actually benefit you. Don’t let it dilute your brand.

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